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Henna Body Art 
Henna or Mehendi is traditionally used to decorate hands and feet for a bride in Asian weddings, but has in recent years developed a high fashion interest. With choices between elaborate ethnic detail, or simpler contemporary styles you can chose which is right for you. Henna can be used anywhere on the body and is a great way to keep changing your look without permanently scaring your skin. The Henna is a paste which sits on top of the skin and leaves behind a stain once washed off. The stain is usually a deep red-brown in colour and lasts up to 10 days (depending on the amount of exposure to water).  Henna/Mehendi can also be used on un-dyed hair to cover any greys, or to add a rich mahogany tone your natural colour. Henna contains no chemicals and no bleach to damage your hair , it is a natural leaf which is dried and then mixed with water to produce the paste. Henna cools scalps, relieving dandruff and itchiness, and improve blood circulation, whilst improving the quality of you hair too. NB. please note that henna cannot be used on permed or pre-coloured hair as chemicals from colour and perms damage the natural oils of your hair and make the strands porous. 

INDIVIDUAL: For an individual person the prices are based on detail. Work is done on location within a 10 mile radius of Stockton-On-Tees. 
  • For both hands from the wrists to the finger tips- £15 (1 side only)
  • For both hands from wrists to the finger tips- £25 (both sides)
  • For both arms from elbows to finger tips- £30 (1 side only)
  • For both arms from elbows to finger tips- £45 (both sides)

GROUPS:For groups where an hour booking is confirmed the work can be done on location within a 10 mile radius of Stockton-on-Tees. 
  • For approximately 10 palms - £50 per hour.

Designs will be selected by the artist for group bookings unless organised previously via direct contact with the henna artist. If your are based outside the 10 mile radius, an additional petrol charge can be applied to complete the job. Please confirm the price after mileage is calculated. 

BRIDAL: For bridal mehendi/henna, we will skin test you in a 30 minute consultation where we can discuss the designs you like. We cannot guarantee that exact designs can be copied but we will continuously work with  you to create an amazing pattern to decorate your limbs. We strongly recommend that bridal henna is booked the night before to get the best colour results. For an average bridal henna session a required booking is 2 hours but depending on the design, they can last up to 6 hours. To speed up the process, it is preferred that during the henna application, there are minimal distractions and a comfortable environment. For the best results, friends and family should be invited after the henna is applied or towards the end. 

  • For bridal henna on one person- £50 per hour
Price to be confirmed after the no obligation consultation. 
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